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Boarding School

 Boarding schools ,  boarding schools, or called the cabin  alone, is a school  of Islamic  boarding contained Indonesia. Education in the schools aimed to deepen knowledge about  the Qur'an  and  Sunnah , by studying the Arabic language  and grammar rules of Arabic-language.The boarding school students (referred to as  students ) studying in this school, once lived in a dormitory provided by the pesantren.  Institutions are also similar in other countries: for example in Malaysia and Southern Thailand called  pondok schools , as well as inIndia and Pakistan called  Islamia madrasa .

The term  boarding  is derived from the pe- students -an, where the word "students" means students in the   Java language . The term  cottage   comes from the Arabic  funduuq  ( فندوق ), which means inn.  Thus the boarding school where lodging can be interpreted as the students who are studying Religious Studies.  Especially in  Aceh , Islamic boarding schools called by the name of  the Islamic boarding school . Normally boarding school headed by a  Kyai .  To regulate the life of boarding schools, clerics appoint a senior students to organize their class brothers, they are usually called the  headman cottage .  The purpose of the students are separated from their parents and their families is so that they learn to live independently and simultaneously to improve relations with the clerics and also  God .

Other opinions, boarding students come from word that can mean the students.  The word comes from the word apprentice students (Sanskrit language, or possibly Java) which means people who always follow the teacher, who later developed by the College Park students in the dormitory system called Pawiyatan.  The term also in the existing students in the language of  Tamil , which means the tutor, is C. C Berg   argued that the term is derived from the term Shastri, which in Indian language means a person who knows the sacred books of Hindu religion or a religious scholar scribes holy  Hindu .  Sometimes it is also considered a compound word  saint  (good man) with the syllable  tra  ( helpful), so that word could mean boarding a fine human education.

Pesantren was originally a center penggemblengan broadcasting values and religion  of Islam .  However, in its development, these institutions increasingly widen the areas that do not merely accelerate garapannya vertical mobility (with penjejelan religious materials), but also horizontal mobility (social consciousness). Pesantren are now no longer dwell on the religious-based curriculum (regional-based curriculum ) and tend to soar, but also a curriculum that touches the issue kikian society ( society-based curriculum ).   As such, schools can no longer be charged solely as a purely religious institution , but also (should) become a living social institution that continues to respond to problems bawdy chaos surrounding community.

Boarding School is the oldest Islamic institution which is a cultural product Indonesia.  The existence of pesantren in Indonesia started since Islam entered the country by adopting a system of religious education which has actually grown long before the arrival of Islam.  As an educational institution that has long been entrenched in this country, boarding schools have recognized that a very large share of the nation's history.

Many boarding schools in Indonesia only impose the santrinya with a low cost, although some modern pesantren burden with higher costs.  Even so, when compared with some other similar educational institutions, modern boarding school is much cheaper. Organization mass(Mass) of Islam's most lots have a boarding school is Nahdlatul Ulama  (NU).  CBOs other Muslims who also has a lot of boarding is  Al-Washliyah and  Hidayatullah


Pesantren are only taught Islamic religious knowledge alone is commonly called the Salafi pesantren .Traditional pattern adopted in boarding salafi are the students working for their clerics - can by hoeing fields , take care of pond (fish ponds), and so forth - and in return they taught their religion by the religious scholars. Most Salafi pesantren provide dormitories as the residence of the santrinya by charging low fees or even no cost at all. The students, generally spend up to 20 hours a day with full of activities, starting from Fajr prayers in the morning until they go back to sleep at night. At noon, the students went to public school to learn formal science, in the evening they attended lectures by clerics or religious teachers to deepen their religious studies and the Koran.

There also boarding schools that teach general education, where the rate is more teaching sciences of Islamic religious education than the general sciences (mathematics, physics, and others). This is often referred to as a modern Islamic boarding schools , and generally keep emphasizing the values of simplicity, sincerity, self-reliance, and self-control. In boarding schools with teaching materials mix between formal science education and science of Islam, the students learn, such as in public schools or madrasah. Pesantren mixture to the level of junior high schools  are sometimes also known as Madrasah Tsanawiyah , while for the level of high school by the name of Madrasah Aliyah . However, the difference in boarding schools and madrassas are located in the system. Pesantren santrinya enter into the dormitory, while the madrasas are not.

There is also a boarding school parent who has a branch in another area, and usually managed by alumni of the boarding school master. For example, the Pondok Pesantren Modern Darussalam Gontor  located in Ponorogo , East Java has a branch hut alumni, among others:

Pondok Modern Arrisalah  in Slahung , led by Joseph KH Ma'sum.
Pondok Modern Assalam Sukabumi  in Sukabumi, West Java , led by K. Badrusyamsi, M. Pd


Generally, a boarding school originated from the existence of a  kyai  somewhere, then come students who want to study religion to him.  After the day more and more students are coming, there arose the initiative to establish a cottage or dormitory next to the house Kyai.  In ancient times did not plan kyai how to build a hut, but the thought is how to teach religious knowledge in order to understand and be understood by students.  Kyai time did not give attention to the places inhabited by the students, who are generally very small and simple.  They occupy a building or home small that they established themselves around the house Kyai.  The greater the number students, hut also increasingly established.  The students further popularize the existence of these boarding schools, so that became famous everywhere, for example as in the cabins that arise during the time of Walisongo .


Pondok Pesantren in Indonesia has a very big role, both for the advancement of Islam itself and for the Indonesian nation as a whole. Based on existing records, the activities of religious education in the  archipelago  has been started since 1596. Kemudain religious activities is what is known as Boarding School.  Even in the notes Howard M. federspiel - salaseorang reviewer to-Islamic in Indonesia, ahead of 12th-century studies centers in Aceh and Palembang (Sumatra), in East Java and in Gowa  (Sulawesi) has to produce the writings of important and has attracted students to learn.